International Society for Ethics and Information Technology

INSEIT was created in 2000, with the goal of promoting and facilitating scholarship, education, discussion, and debate, and other activities, on the ethical issues in and surrounded by information technology. The Society will be distinctly devoted to normative issues and will address ethical issues in and surrounding:
The design and development of IT; the use and deployment of IT; distribution of IT; impact and implications of IT; and the social and political institutions arising around IT.

Contact Information

INSEIT's institutional support comes from the University of Wisconsin-Stout's Center for Applied Ethics

Mailing Address:
Center for Applied Ethics
University of Wisconsin-Stout
PO Box 790
Menomonie, Wisconsin, USA 54751

(t) 1 715 232 5184
(f) 1 715 232 5186
(e) buchanane at

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