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CEPE-IACAP 2015 - June 22-25 2015, University of Delaware - Early Registration Now Open

News | 29-05-2015 11:58

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Philosophical and ethical enquiries about information technologies, computing, and artificial intelligence have acquired a focal place in the academic and societal debate on the design, development and deployment of technological artefacts. As the issues to be addressed are increasingly complex and interwoven, the need to consider different stakeholders and to endorse both multi- and inter-disciplinary approaches in addressing such problems become more pressing. For this reason, in 2015 INSEIT and IACAP will hold a joint meeting to offer the opportunity to members of both communities to exchange ideas and discuss issues of common interest. 

The conference will be held on June 22-25 2015 at the University of Delaware and will be hosted by Professor Tom Powers, Department of Philosophy, School of Public Policy and Administration and Delaware Biotechnology Institute, and Director of the Center for Science, Ethics & Public Policy, University of Delaware.
This year’s meeting will have a single main track focusing on topics at the core of IACAP and INSEIT member’s interests. Symposia will also be organized and run by members, or member groups, to focus on more specific topics of discussion.
We invite submissions of abstract (up to 3000 words) as well as submission of proposals for symposia focusing on ethical and philosophical problems relate to information technologies and computing. A selection of the papers presented during the meeting will be published in a volume of the ‘Synthese Library’ (Springer).

The conference theme is open to the following topics:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Artificial Life
  • Automated Warfare
  • Cognitive Science, Computation & Cognition
  • Computational Modeling in Science and Social Science
  • Computer-Mediated Communication
  • Ethical Problems and Societal Impact of Computation and Information
  • Ethics of Big Data
  • History of Computing
  • Information Culture and Society
  • Metaphysics of Computing
  • Philosophy of Information
  • Philosophy of Information Technology
  • Robotics
  • Virtual Reality

... and related issues

Important dates
Papers submission: 2 February 2015 15 February 2015 (EXTENDED)
Notification of acceptance: 27 February 2015
Submission full paper for the conference proceedings: 1 August 2015

Symposia submission: 12 January 2015 15 February 2015 (EXTENDED)
Notification of acceptance: 2 March 2015

Submissions should be sent via EasyChair using the following link New window

Relevant websites
IACAP: New window

KEYNOTE SPEAKERS (in alphabetical order):

Frances S. Grodzinsky

BIO SKETCH: Frances Grodzinsky is a professor of Computer Science and Information Technology at Sacred Heart University where she has developed and taught a wide range of courses including Computer Ethics, Software Engineering, Networking, Systems Analysis and Design and Theory of Programming Languages. She is co-chair of the Hersher Institute of Ethics at Sacred Heart University. Her papers have appeared in The Gender Politics of ICT, ed: Archibald, Emms, Grundy, Payne and Turner, Middlesex University Press, 2005, Journal of Information, Communication and Ethics in Society, Readings in Cyberethics, Spinello and Tavani, Journal of Computers and Society , Philosophy and Technology. She is a Visiting Scholar, at the Research Center on Computer Ethics and Social Responsibility at Southern Connecticut State University, New Haven, CT and serves on the board of INSEIT (the International Society for Ethics and Information Technology).

Shannon Vallor

BIO SKETCH: Shannon Vallor, Ph.D. is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Santa Clara University in Silicon Valley, where she explores the ethical implications of emerging technologies including social media, robotics and digital surveillance, and in particular, the impact of technology on the cultivation of virtues. Her articles have appeared in Philosophy & Technology, Ethics & Information Technology, Techne and the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, and she is the author of a forthcoming book: 21st Century Virtue: Cultivating the Technomoral Self. She is Vice-President and President-Elect of The Society for Philosophy and Technology (SPT), a Scholar of the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics and a member of the University of Notre Dame’s research group on Emerging Technologies of National Security and Intelligence (ETNSI).


Contact Information

INSEIT’s institutional support comes from the Ionian University - IHRC research team

Mailing Address:
IHRC-Ionian University,
School of Information Science
72 Ioannou Theotoki Street
Corfu 49100

c/o Elizabeth Buchanan, INSEIT Treasurer
PO Box 790,
University of Wisconsin-Stout,
Center for Applied Ethics
Wisconsin 54729

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