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Absolutely Interdisciplinary 2021—Human and Machine Normativity: New Connections (Dates June 16-18, 2021)

News | 16-04-2021 10:47

June 16-18, 2021

About Absolutely Interdisciplinary
Understanding the capacities and limitations of complex new technologies like AI calls for more than just a technical perspective. Absolutely Interdisciplinary will convene researchers from across disciplines to build new, interdisciplinary approaches to advance our understanding of how to meet the challenge of ensuring AI and other powerful technologies promote human well-being. This year, Absolutely Interdisciplinary takes place virtually, with a one-day graduate workshop on June 16th, followed by four scheduled sessions across two days on June 17th and 18th. Visit the conference website for more information.

About this year’s theme
Humans are a fundamentally normative species, with complex cognitive and social systems for shaping behaviour to implement collectively-determined values and norms in support of cooperation. Building AI systems that are robustly aligned with human values requires deep understandings of how these normative systems work. At the same time, advances in AI present unique opportunities to investigate and test what capacities contribute to our ability to build, maintain, and abide by norms. This year, Absolutely Interdisciplinary takes up the challenge of exploring these dynamics under the theme Human and Machine Normativity: New Connections.

Jeff Clune, Vincent Conitzer, Deborah Gordon, Mortiz Hardt, Joel Z. Leibo, Sarah Mathew, Deirdre Mulligan, and Johanna Thoma.

Registration and information
Register for the conference at this link. Early-bird pricing is available until April 30, 2021.
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