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News | 20-11-2014 16:28

Elizabeth Buchanan, Ph.D.
Endowed Chair and Director, Center for Applied Ethics- IRB Leadership Director, Research Services, University of Wisconsin-Stout
Maria Bottis, Ph.D.
Ass. Professor, Ionian University

News | 18-09-2014 13:23

Executive Board INSEIT, 2014-2017

News | 07-08-2014 13:10

Engaging the Future Responsibly
October 2-4, 2014, Hosted by the Lincoln Center for Applied Ethics, ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY
Call For Papers: Extended to August 15, 2014

News | 18-07-2014 18:40

Anthony Beavers, professor of philosophy and director of cognitive science at the University of Evansville, was presented with the 2012 World Technology Award in Ethics this past Tuesday night at a special ceremony held at Rockefeller Plaza in New York City.

News | 18-07-2014 18:38

It is with great honor that INSEIT announces the 2012-2013 Weizenbaum Award Winner: Dr. Luciano Floridi.

News | 18-07-2014 18:26

Following a 10-year period of formal and informal collaboration between several researchers, the establishment of the Society for the Philosophy of Information (SPI, [1]) inaugurates the next phase in the development of the philosophy of information as an independent and self-sustained philosophical field.

News | 18-07-2014 18:18

Mariarosaria Taddeo awarded the 2013 World Technology Award in Ethics.

News | 16-07-2014 12:04

Maria Bottis named INSEIT Co-Director, effective January 2014.

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INSEIT’s institutional support comes from the Ionian University - IHRC research team

Mailing Address:
IHRC-Ionian University,
School of Information Science
72 Ioannou Theotoki Street
Corfu 49100

c/o Elizabeth Buchanan, INSEIT Treasurer
PO Box 790,
University of Wisconsin-Stout,
Center for Applied Ethics
Wisconsin 54729

(t) +30 26610 87426
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