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News | 29-05-2015 11:58

Philosophical and ethical enquiries about information technologies, computing, and artificial intelligence have acquired a focal place in the academic and societal debate on the design, development and deployment of technological artefacts. Papers submission: 2 February 2015 15 February 2015

News | 15-05-2015 15:49

Questions of appropriate online behavior, surveillance, regulation, and governance have grown in importance. Indeed, cyberethics has emerged as a distinct area of inquiry. The Journal of Philosophy, Science & Law invites new manuscripts in this rapidly evolving domain. 

News | 15-04-2015 12:17

Deborah Johnson is the 2015 recipient of the Weizenbaum Award for her life-long contributions to information and computer ethics.

News | 06-03-2015 13:00

Call for Proposals: Conference hosting, of joint CEPE-ETHICOMP conferences, to be held in Spring 2017 or Summer 2017.

News | 02-02-2015 20:49

Short bio of the CEPE 2015 keynote speaker Frances Grodzinsky.

News | 01-02-2015 12:09

During ETHICOMP 2015, we will review ethical and social issues raised by contemporary computing and look at ways of identifying and addressing them in the future. Initial submission: 23 February 15 - Final full paper submissions: 01 July 2015.

News | 02-01-2015 17:40

Short bio of the CEPE 2015 keynote speaker Shannon Vallor.

News | 10-12-2014 10:37

The INSEIT/Joseph Weizenbaum Award in Information and Computer Ethics is awarded every two years to an individual who has made significant contributions to the field of information and computer ethics through his/her research, service and vision.

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