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News | 09-03-2017 14:04

A PhD position (3 years, full-time) and a PostDoc position (full-time, 3 years + possibility of 3 years extension) are available in the newly established research group "Ethics in Information Technologies” at the University of Hamburg (further information on both positions below).

News | 19-12-2016 10:40

NEWEL project - The New Science of Existential Well-being: Concepts, Ethics and Responsible Algorithms, University of Twente. The position is part of the project 'NEWEL - The New Science of Existential Well-being: Concepts, Ethics and Responsible Algorithms,' which is jointly funded by Ahold Delhaize and the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO),

News | 15-12-2016 12:22

Please send us your nominations for the Weizenbaum award by January 15, 2017. The board of INSEIT has formed a committee on this matter.

News | 09-06-2016 14:30

On behalf of the INSEIT Fellows Program Adjudication Committee, I am pleased to inform you that your proposal for the 2008-09 Fellows award has been approved. As a Fellow, you will work with Professor Luciano Floridi, Professor of Philosophy at the University of Hertfordshire, where he holds the Research Chair in Philosophy of Information. He is also Fellow by Special Election of St Cross College, University of Oxford.

News | 09-06-2016 14:30

We are very pleased to announce the INSEIT 2008-09 Fellows and Mentors! This was the first year of the program and we are extremely happy with the response to the program and with the high quality of the Fellows’ proposals.

News | 06-06-2016 16:21

The Ethicomp series of conferences fosters an international community of scholars and technologists, including computer professionals and business professionals from industry. Conference website:

News | 06-06-2016 16:04

This is a unique opportunity for early career researchers to join The Alan Turing Institute.

News | 06-06-2016 16:01

If you are interested in ethics and technology please apply, the position is completely open to a large spectrum of research interests and expertise.

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